Juan Hernández, AEC


Juan Hernández, a member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers, AEC and also a member of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, has built a career as a freelance cinematographer since 1996, shooting mostly feature films, documentaries, episodic drama series and commercials. He has shot in practically all available cinematographic formats.

Born in southern Spain, Juan studied Geological Sciences at Granada’s University of Sciences before studying cinematography at TAI, a renowned art school in Madrid. Soon after, he began working as a director of photography at Canal+ Spain and Spanish public television (RTVE). In 2000, he became a freelance cinematographer in film and advertising productions.

Some of his most distinguished works are the films: Isle Of Hope (2022), Antes de La
Quema (2018), Killer Cove (2018), Her Worst Nightmare (2017), My Teacher My Obsession (2017), Locked In (2017), Secrets in Suburbia (2016), The Follower (2016), Mis Demonios Nunca Juraron Soledad (2016), Schimbare (2013), The First (2013) and El Espejo
(2007); the documentaries Borderlands (2020), USA v. Chapo (2018), Kingdom Of Shadows (2014), El Paso (2014), Historias de Mujeres (2014) and the TV series El Ministerio del Tiempo (2015) and Drenaje Profundo (2010).

He has also worked as photographer for UNICEF in Africa and has collaborated since 2015 as cinematography teacher at Universidad Centroamericana de Managua, Nicaragua and Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico.

He has lived in Mexico since 2008, working mostly in United States of America, Europe and Latin America.

In 2011, he founded his own production company, Unoenlouno Films, in Mexico and then in 2016, he founded, Northbound Cinema, in United States of America, where he develops documentary and narrative film projects.