Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson has been called a classic “pop culture beauty” – a status she has achieved, not just because of the remarkable associations she has made – but because of her memorable contributions in the world of music, film and television.

Thompson has been nominated for an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, and has won an Emmy Award for writing some of the most recognized songs of our generation. Yet, Thompson’s talents stretch beyond her ability to capture the essence of every emotion in lasting lyrics—she’s also entertained audiences by acting in countless hours of classic television.
Thompson’s talents have not gone unnoticed by television producers either, in fact, a number of Linda’s songs have gone on to become television events. Linda wrote the official Olympic theme song “Power of the Dream” which was sung by Celine Dion at the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games, as well as the 2002 Winter Olympics theme song, “Light The Fire Within” sung by Leann Rimes. Award winning David E. Kelly was so moved by Linda’s lyrics that he scripted two episodes of “Ally McBeal” featuring her songs “To Where You Are” and “You’re Still You.” In 1990, Linda conceptualized an unprecedented mega event by writing the lyrics for the song “Voices That Care” dedicated to the men and women serving in the Gulf War. Thompson mounted the apolitical, strictly humanitarian effort from the kitchen of her Malibu home. In less than one week she had gathered some of the biggest names in music, movies and television to record the song. Kevin Costner, Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Richard Gere and Michael Bolton were just a few of the more than 100 illustrious stars who brought their talents to the record, television special and music video—of which all proceeds were donated to the USO and the International Red Cross. To date, more than one and half million dollars has been raised and donated.

Thompson’s songwriting career continues to be red hot with such hits as “You’re Still You” sung by Josh Groban, “Drowning” by the Backstreet Boys and “Tell Him”—the song that created an event when it was recorded as a duet by Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion. Her song “Grown Up Christmas List” recorded by Natalie Cole, Amy Grant, Kelly Clarkson, Monica, Barbra Streisand and many others has become a Christmas classic! And Linda’s version of every mother’s lullaby called “Miracle: Who Could Ever Love You More” sung by Celine Dion, recently garnered critical acclaim as the title track for Celine’s top selling lullaby album.

Linda penned the title track for singing sensation Jackie Ivanko’s album “Dream With Me”! She also just completed writing lyrics for the acclaimed Baz Luhrmann’s new Broadway bound musical adapted from his hit movie “Strictly Ballroom”. Her “Beautiful Surprise” has been the featured song in Baz’s production which opened first in his native Australia and is currently touring.

Linda is so adamant about “giving back” that she started her very own foundation called the PULSE foundation, an acronym for People Understanding Love Saves Everyone. It is dedicated to those who cannot always help themselves….primarily children, animals and the elderly.

After harboring untold secrets for many years, Linda finally, lovingly wrote her New York Times best selling memoir A LITTLE THING CALLED LIFE that was released in hardcover in late 2015. A paperback version was released a year later. Her book was received and reviewed in the same spirit in which it was written – with dignity, kindness, discretion and tolerance. Forgiveness and acceptance is an overriding theme in her memoir.

Committed to physical fitness, Linda is an avid tennis player, lifts weights regularly and enjoys all kinds of sports; hiking, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing and snow skiing. She has been featured in a top selling exercise video and an instructional golf video. Linda is a longtime resident of Malibu, where she currently resides with her beloved french bulldog.